Wall of Honor Project Nominations

Help Place a Nominee on the La Follette High School Wall of Honor

“The Wall of Honor is a great way to give honor to our past while providing for La Follette’s future”
-La Follette Principal Chad Wiese.


The La Follette Wall of Honor project is a way to grow the La Follette Individual Endowment Fund of the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools. The goal is to reach at least $100,000. This endowment fund provides funds for grant requests from teachers for projects that enhance their ability to teach. The grants are made on an annual basis after review and selection. Currently La Follette’s endowment fund is just over $22,000, the lowest of all Madison High Schools! We are doing this  by way of the La Follette Capital Fund established in 2004. Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools


Help place someone on the La Follette Wall of Honor!
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Help someone already nominated.


Nominated and placed so far ($5000 level) are:

  • Jack Chvala
  • Darrin Graham
  • Kim Kindschi
  • Keith Larson
  • Paul McIntosh
  • Rod Witte

The following individuals will be recognized and placed on the Wall of Honor ($5000 level) on Saturday, July 20, at LHS 50 Fest at La Follette High School during the noon hour.

  • Dave Maas
  • Paul McIntosh
  • Rod Witte

Nominated at the $1000 level are:

  • Ted Obler

Nominated at the $500 level are:

  • Dennis Bergren
  • Kay McGuire
  • Mike Meissen and the Meissen Family
  • Barbara Norene
  • Ken Roberts
  • Sue Rood
  • Al Schroeder
  • August Vander Meulen

Our goal is to raise funds so that all of these folks reach the $5000 level and to continue the nominations of your favorite Lancers. Please lend your support at the Wall of Honor form.

Wall of Honor Kickoff (check out the video!) took place Friday Oct., 5, 2012  in the La Follette HS Commons. The event honored former teachers Jack Chvala, Kim Kindschi, and Keith Larson and current La Follette teacher Darrin Graham.

Nominate someoneor help someone already nominated to reach the $5000 level and be placed on the wall. The next Wall of Honor recognition ceremony will be Saturday, July 20th at LHS FIFTY FEST!

Donor information can be found on www.lafollettewallofhonor.org or by calling Donna Faulkner at the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools at 608-232-7820.